The First Step


This is my first post in the world of blogging and I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. I’m still finding my feet and it’s all VERY alien to me still so I apologise if the following content is a little poor. Over time I hope to get it up to a suitable standard but maybe there will be something charming about the conversational style of writing and the “rough around the edges” presentation that will keep people reading.

The main motivation behind starting a blog is because I am going to Australia in November for a year to travel and work. I wanted somewhere I could document what I get up to that would not only keep my family and friends informed, but also to look back on myself. I am not travelling alone so this story will not only contain me. I’m going with two friends in Nathan & Abbie.

I’ll tell you all more about Nathan & Abbie a little later on as well as my recent travel experience to Berlin & my current experiences in Orlando, FL. But for now I’m going to leave this here as my very first post and if you’ve made it this far I am very thankful.


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