The Story Behind Australia

It’s taken me a little while to make this second post, I was going to write it almost immediately after the first but I’ve just not really found the time. As I mentioned in my first post – in November I’m going to Australia travelling. The plan is to travel around Australia whilst working. It’s pretty cliché in the current climate and it’s been done to death by many before me. Nevertheless I’m still really excited.

It all started one Saturday when I was in London with my younger brother (For the Bellew vs Haye fight). I’d been thinking of travelling for some time and I never really knew how to go about it and I’d never really had the balls to just take the plunge. That’s were Abbie came in. We’d exchanged a couple of snapchats back and forth and she’d mentioned how much overtime she had been doing at work. When I say overtime I mean stupidly long hours.. like 6am till 7pm. Madness. Shocked, I asked her why. She told me she was saving because she was going to Australia in November. She hadn’t booked it yet but she was going to, very soon. Now I already knew Abbie because we worked together for the same bank and we’d been out together a few times to the beach, out for drinks etc etc and we get on really well. She’s such a care free and smiley girl. Big on her fitness too and she looks great for it! She told me I should go along if it’s something I’d really wanted to do. I was sceptical at first, unsure if she meant it, for all of about 10 seconds and then I was totally up for it. At this stage I was really under the influence after sinking a crate of Budweiser with Jack (my younger brother) enroute to London but my mind was made up. I got back from London on the Sunday and on the Tuesday I was sat in Abbie’s house once more on the phone to the company we’re going via. Exciting.

Nathan is a mate I knew via a work colleague. We never really used to see each other much due to us having a completely different set of mates but our paths would cross when we were playing football for the same team or watching Everton as they inflicted horrendous pain on us by playing absolutely shite 99% of the time and always letting you down. He’s a laugh to be honest. Easy going and always coming out with some witty one liners. Always the joker. He will love that I’ve given him credit for that because I don’t like admitting he’s funny, infact, I usually tell him he’s not. ANYWAY. I kinda knew of Nathan long before we ever met because we went to the same college. Never used to like the guy, for no apparent reason. If somebody referred to “loaf head” you knew they were on about him. I shouldn’t laugh though because my head is massive too. He admits that strangers in college didn’t like him by the way. Think it has something to do with boyish pranks his mates would pull by sending creepy emails to girls from Nathan’s email account. He insists it wasn’t him, I’m not really sure. He fell into this Aussie trip via Snapchat also (There’s a theme here isn’t there?). He saw my visa application on my story and after a brief exchange there he was, invited on the experience of a lifetime.

I couldn’t be happier about going away with Abbie and Nathan. My writing doesn’t do them justice but it’s going to be great. We’ve got to fly from Heathrow mind you. We’re heading down from the North the day before our trip. Food and a few ales in London, limited sleep (nerves/excitement) and then we get to meet our fellow “group flight” travellers bright and early before sitting in the airport bar waving farewell to England.

I promise I’ll have some media in my next couple of posts; as I appreciate blocks of text can be a little boring. Thanks for reading!

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