Saturday Squeeze

I’m going to start off by apologising for the lacklustre title. I’m not very creative in that respect… Maybe later down the line when I’m on my travels the titles will get better. If they do, they’re probably down to Nathan though as he seems to have an ability to come up with little witty phrases, so watch this space.  I’ve not really been up to lots since my last post which is why I haven’t posted up until now. I’ve just been working lots to earn as much as possible before the sabbatical.

Saturday 4th November brought the much anticipated gig at Liverpool Philharmonic, Squeeze. Me & our Jack bought our dad tickets for Christmas last year so I’ve been waiting to go for almost a year. It was very apt to go with my dad because we are only fans of theirs due to him. I have a lot of memories just sat in his van/car when the sounds of Squeeze would be blaring through the speakers. It almost created an air of nostalgia for me because I was so young when I first heard them.

Now I’ve never been to the Philharmonic before so I was quite curious to see what it was like as a venue. Up until this point I’d never really been seating at a gig before (bar Tinie Tempah when I was younger & was in a box at the MEN) as I’d always preferred standing but there’s no option for that at the Philharmonic. It was a welcome change because it meant for the most part there was no chance of a bad view and you’d certainly not be crushed by a mosh pit (the appeal of a mosh pit was lost at V Fest in 2013). The only downsides for me about the venue was that they ran out of draught ale and you don’t have much room for [bad] dancing when people inevitably stand up for the popular songs from the 80s band.

First, 9 Below Zero opened up for Squeeze. I’d never heard of them before but I’d read good things online. They’re a blues band from the same era as Squeeze and they were great actually. I’ve never been one for blues but I loved them. They have a cracking harmonica player…player of the year apparently! Their logo did have a Lonsdale vibe though as my mate George pointed out on Snapchat. See below.

Anyway, after they’d performed there was an interval (standard Philharmonic practice) before Squeeze came on so we got another bevvy and waited excitedly for Glenn Tilbrook & co. I think it’s worth mentioning if you don’t know Squeeze (and if you’re arsed) that Jools Holland was the original keyboard player. You’re bound to know him, surely.

Poor quality picture I know but I was rushing so I didn’t disgruntle anybody behind me by blocking their view with my arms/hands/phone. The band played a good 1.5 hour set comprising of songs from the new album and their old hits. My favourite songs by them are below if you fancy a listen:

  1. Up the Junction
  2. Cool for Cats
  3. Is that Love?

I don’t want to overdo this post because it’s not a music review but they’re actually fucking boss and it was worth the £47.50 per ticket. I’m gunna sign off here though because I’ve got a date with a Louis Theroux documentary…I’ll do another post this week about my leaving do(s). Here’s a parting candid picture of me and our Jack to see you out. Bye for now!

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