Oh My Heyes

The title is intentionally clever, so you’d better appreciate that. For anyone who doesn’t know, Nay’s surname is Heyes…look him up on Facebook. Yesterday we set off on our journey. Albeit we still had an overnight stay in London before we started our journey but we were setting off all the same. We started early in the Wetherspoons as you do. Where else can you get ale at 10:30am? I had a couple of drinks with my mum and dad to see me off. Stella Artois if you’re arsed. Nay turned up with his dad, followed shortly by his mum and brother after they’d parked the car. The formalities were out the way early doors and we started talking about normal stuff; memories about our younger years and our parents feelings about us being away for a year. Half an hour or so later Abbie arrived with her mum. It was a bit too late for Abbie and her mum to have a bevvy because we only had about 10 minutes until we’d need to walk down to the train station. Anyway, we eventually set off towards our platform. Abbo called in sick to work so he could see us off. Of course he had his Patagonia cap on, in true Abbo style. We waited on platform 4 for our train to arrive.

*Fun Fact – in Wigan North Western Train Station toilets the lighting is blue so people who go in to inject heroin can’t see their veins*

The train came and naturally all our parents, and us, were teary eyed as we said our goodbyes. It wasn’t forever, but it’s a long time away nonetheless. We boarded the train and we were all set. However, 1 minute before the train disembarked my dad appeared in the carriage to pass me my hand luggage (containing my essentials such as passport, charger, denim jacket & flip flops) that I’d foolishly left on the platform. Especially in the current climate, unattended bags are not appreciated. However, minor (large) mishap avoided we were on our way. We sank a few drinks en route to London Euston but we couldn’t get too drunk as we still needed to be alert for the remainder of our journey.

We got to Euston after 2 hours. We donned our rucksacks and off we went. We met the final quartet to our little gang near the information desk, Freya. Now, me and Abbie work with Freya’s mum and it was blind luck that we ended up on the same trip. So we got introductions out the way, Freya said her goodbyes and then we headed to the tube. Me, Nay & Abbie have rucksacks for our journey, like your standard backpackers, all of us with bags under 20kg. Freya, however, had a suitcase. Not just any suitcase…a 28kg suitcase. Nightmare. It didn’t fit through any of the ticket turnstiles on the tube and I was helping carry it up and down the stairs like the absolute gent I am. My parents would be proud.

We navigated the tube and subsequent trains like absolute pros, courtesy of myself, due to my prior preparations and we arrived swiftly at our apartment next to Hayes & Harlington Station. We checked in with relative ease, popped next door to Tesco Express and bought some food and drinks. We got back to the room and started cooking our pizzas and drinking our alcohol. We had a new (and brief) member due to arrive whose name is Jordan. He’s coming on the group flight to Hong Kong but after the 3 day stop over there he will be flying to Auckland NZ whilst we head off to Sydney. Anyhow, he arrived and settled in really quickly. We’d already eaten and sank a lot of our alcohol by the time he arrived so he headed out for more drinks and food for himself. Now I don’t think he’s much of a chef because after he’d thrown some chicken goujons in the oven on the cardboard circle our pizza had been packaged on, so it inevitably burnt and created a lot of smoke. So I lifted them out and binned the cardboard, replacing it with a HOT grill from inside the HOT oven. I popped the chicken onto it and was about to put it back on the oven (as I had oven gloves on) but Jordan decided he’d go for it, grabbed the piping hot metal and almost jumped through the ceiling. He spent a large portion of the night then resting his finger & thumb in a cup of water after losing patience with a running tap. See below.

Now we saw the rest of the night out just drinking alcohol and listening to songs. Abbie and Freya retired for the night early doors really after the alcohol, long day and food rendered them tired but the lads (me, Nay and Jordan) held out until about midnight before all the ale had run dry and we thought it was wise to retire for the long day ahead.

The next day was an early start, 6am. We got showered and then we set off. The locality of the station was great so it was pretty straight forward to get to Heathrow. We arrived at Heathrow half an hour early and we were naturally one of the first there but the rest of the group flight soon turned up. There’s about 30 of us in total. 9 people are going to New Zealand after Hong Kong and the rest will go to Sydney. There were a few forced fun activities and awkward hellos but once that was out the way we pretty much just got down to the standard airport check in and security processes. I’m typing this in a bit of a rush because the whole process took aaggggeessss so we’re boarding soon and I still need to stuff my face and buy a book to read on the flight so this is where I’m signing off. I’ll provide an update at some point in Hong Kong before we leave for Sydney. Enjoy your day and thanks for reading, as always. Goodbye.

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