Clever title, eh? Can’t take the credit I’m afraid… I’ve been sitting on that title for a while courtesy of my friend back home, Isaac.

The days that followed our arrival into Australia have been hectic and alcohol filled. I’m not going to go into great detail regarding what we’ve done but I’ll give you a brief overview. We’re staying at Wake Up! Hostel in Sydney which is just opposite Sydney Central Station. Upon arrival we were assigned room numbers which seemed to be at random so that was mine and Nay’s room sharing over for now. I ended up in room 310. They’re 6 bed dorms we’ve been given and some people are in rooms with strangers and no people from our group flight… thankfully the other 5 in mine were on the group flight. Shout out to my room mates – Charlotte, Sarah, Billie, Freya & Charlotte. The positive to having 5 girls in your room is that it often smells really nice cause. The downside is that the room is an absolute mess. I have contributed to the mess though to be fair and we are working with a small space.

We’ve pretty much drank alcohol every single day which is expensive in Sydney let me tell you. You’re looking at about £10 a pint which is a killer. Our hostel has its own nightclub called Side Bar underneath the building so naturally on the first night we were all in there. Embarrassingly I have to admit that I got kicked out at about 2:00am because I was leathered. I’m gunna blame it on the jet lag and not the several different drinks and spirits I was necking. Luckily Nay was on hand to help me home via a kebab shop and make sure I got into bed. What a good friend eh?

The next day we did the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee beach were we finished with a BBQ. Coogee is a popular spot for backpackers and we very well may end up there in the future. Whilst the burgers were being prepared and the girls topping up their tan me, Nay & Ollie got off to get the important stuff out the way – buy a football. No idea how any shopkeeper can stick a $30 price on a beach footy that’s shite. Hardly a quality premiership ball is it? Anyway, we shopped around a bit and eventually found the “best beach soccerball in Sydney” for $15. Result. Eagerly we headed back to the beach to play some togger in the sun. We were delayed slightly though so that Nay could get an insta photo…see below

You beauty.

The following days consisted of more drinking and more excursions with the group flight. First up was Paddleboarding and then we went to see Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour looks amazing really in person, and it’s great to sit in the bar looking out at the water. However, at $14.50 a pint you can’t linger too long without doing damage to your bank balance. Paddleboarding was an experience and a half let me tell you. I wasn’t massively looking forward to it because I’m not the greatest fan of the sea but when in Rome and all that. For anyone who doesn’t know what Paddleboarding is then think of surfing except you’re stood facing forwards, upright and you have a paddle. You also don’t ride on big waves. Boys being boys there was competition in the air so me, Nay and Ollie were battling to be the best and fall in the least. We were all pretty decent at it but if I’m honest at one point I fell off and lost the paddle at sea…goodbye my friend. Abbie and Freya didn’t participate in the Paddleboarding and instead opted to sunbathe instead with most of the other girls.

Me and Nay actually decided to take a break from the alcohol on Thursday night as we were due to be up early (6:00am) on Friday morning to visit a wildlife centre and the blue mountains national park so we stayed in most of the evening updating our CVs and applying for jobs… it’s not all fun and games you know these holidays, we do need jobs at some point. Anyway, after a couple of hours (9:30pm) we were bored so I suggested we go and play pool at a local bar. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t have a drink of beer and we’d stick to Diet Coke, however, on arrival we found out we could get a jug of lager for $9 which was too good an offer to turn down. “We will just have one jug” we said as we poured the liquid into our glasses. Fast forward to 1:15am and we were 4 jugs in and wandering back to the hostel, via maccies.

Today, as mentioned before, we visited a wildlife centre and the blue mountains national park. At the wildlife centre we got to hand feed kangaroos as well as see creatures such as koalas, crocodiles, Tasmanian devils and dingoes. I’ll attach some photos below.

Next on the agenda for Friday was the three sisters national park. Now it’s pretty much what you can imagine any national park to be; spectacular views and lots of trees. It was only at this moment, standing on a rock looking out into the vast and dense bush, that it really hit me that the earth is a massive place and I’m really fortunate to be able to be here. Our tour guide was called Greg and he was actually great! Much better than The Dragon Lady. He took us on several different tracks and remained interactive and interesting throughout.

Friday night brought us the bar crawl. I started typing this part of the blog pissed in my bed and I’m finishing it hungover in my bed. Bar crawl was half decent but we swerved it part way through and chose our own places. When I say we I meant just a handful of us; Neve, Morgan, Nay, Ollie, Miranda, Me (of course) and maybe the other Liam was there too? If I’m honest I’m not too sure. Anyway, that was fun, naturally. Ollie and Nay were on top form, the most drunk I’ve seen them actually.

It’s a really expensive hobby though unless you’re drinking goon (box wine) but you obviously don’t get that in clubs/bars. Goon is just to drink in the park etc. So I’m going to come to a close now and get a shower. We have a free day today and it’ll be spent applying for jobs and then me and Nay have organised a BBQ at the beach for everyone. Let’s see how that turns out hahah. Thanks as always, bye for now.

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