Surf’s Up

I’m gonna keep this one brief. Just wanted to provide a quick update more than anything else. First things first though, fuck off Everton. Me and Nay stayed up to watch us play terribly away to Southampton. Southampton have scored 9 goals all season and we made them look like Brazil as they slotted 4 past us. Stayed up until 2:30am for nothing. Well in, Everton.

Sorry. Anyway, today is the day we all head off to Surf Camp. I’m a little apprehensive because I’m not the biggest fan of the ocean… so I’m going surfing… stupid, right? Suppose I only did it because most of our group flight are coming along. There’s also around an extra 60 others whom I don’t know so it should be a good social event. As well as actually attempting to surf. We’re gunna be at camp until Friday so you never know, I could be a top surfer come Friday. Unlikely though.

In other news, me and Nay have both gotten a job over in Pacific Palms. We’re going to be working in a pizza & pasta restaurant as waiters/barmen. We’re likely to be on the same shift too which is cool. Pacific Palms is a beach resort and it’s about 3.5 hours from Sydney. It’s quite remote and there’s not much to do other than go to the National Park and the beach… but we’ve figured that we can save more money that way. Too much temptation in Sydney. It does mean however that the group are going to need to separate, at least for now. It’s a 7 week job that takes us up to the end of January and then the plan is to drive to Melbourne. We’re buying a jeep this weekend and we’re so excited. Nay can’t drive though so I’m the dezzy driver. Oh well.

Before I forget, just as we were boarding our coach to take us to surf camp there was a girl who works for the surf camp who I recognised. Turns out it’s a girl from California I’ve spoken to before via Facebook. I won’t go into the details as to how and why we ended up talking but it is very surreal to see somebody in person you’ve only ever seen online, in Australia of all places. Life. It’s a funny old thing.

One thought on “Surf’s Up

  1. I do find that no matter how far I have traveled, I have often met people that I have known or have had mutual friends with. It happened in NYC once and recently in Sydney. Small world!

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