Surf’s Up!

That was a great 5 days I must say. We paid $595 to go to Surf Camp for 5 days. Seems like a lot but for that we got accommodation, 3 [good] meals a day & 2 surf lessons a day. Really good value for what we had. With us being based in some wooden cabins 5 minutes from the beach I didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures as my phone was often in the cabin for obvious reasons.

I wanna start by saying that surfing is fucking hard man. On the first lesson or so though I managed to stand up and catch a few small waves, it was all looking promising… but as the lessons clocked up, the muscles fatigued and the copious amounts of pure blonde caught up I got worse to a point I could no longer stay on the board at all. In all honesty as the week stretched out I gave up trying as I figured I’d never surf again anyway so I was pretty content chilling on the board watching Nay fall off his board at nearly every attempt. Nay has always said he has no balance. He wasn’t lying… he even struggles to stand on one leg! Not sure how his balance is that bad when he can actually play some good togger (footy).

Once we’d embarrassed ourselves in the sea and replenished our energy levels with dinner it was time to head up a very steep hill to the pub/bowls club. A lot of people took time out here to use the WiFi as signal was poor in the actual surf camp. First world problems, eh? Fortunately the pub also had a takeaway part so every single night we bought a crate of 24 pure blonde lager at an eye watering price of $49 and drank them on the beach until the A.M. playing some nostalgic tunes like You’re Gorgeous by Babybird.

Surf Camp had about 90 people there so there were lots of new people to meet from very different backgrounds. That’s a positive with travelling, you meet people from many different nations. Up to now I think we’ve met Americans, Australians, Germans, Mauritians, Swedish, Polish, Chileans, Kiwis and of course, fellow Brits. I’ve probably missed out some nationalities there but you get my point. Sadly the week came to an end all too quick, just like this blog post, I (and you) just didn’t want it to come to an end but that’s life.

Cheers, Li x

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