The Wine and the Whine

Title courtesy of Nay.

The days following surf camp have all had the same theme. Box wine and Domino’s. After navigating our way across Sydney carrying our heavy as fuck bags me, Nay & our new Swedish friend, Ida checked in to Nate’s hostel. It’s a lot smaller and more cluttered than our first hostel; Wake Up, but it arguably a better atmosphere and less pretentious so we were happy enough. We got the formalities out the way with our new roommates and then the three of us headed out for some food and to pick up some box wine. For anyone who doesn’t know, box wine is the cheapest alcoholic beverage you can get. We got 8 litres of the stuff for $20 which is an absolute bargain. Now we didn’t discover dominos on day one so we ended up in some burger restaurant which was nice but still, on the pricey side. They weren’t joking when they said Australia is expensive.

*I’m going to have to apologise now for the writing in this post, I’m currently sat in Neve & Chloe’s apartment with Nay, rough as fuck, tired and sweating so I’m really just thrashing this out with very little thought or structure*

Back to the story >>>>> After eating the 3 of us (me, Nay, Ida) headed back to get a shower, get our gladrags on and go to drink the wine at the roof party. Yes you read that right, a roof party. It sounds better than it actually is though. With it being an actual planned event there were just far too many people, we were crammed in a corner knocking the wine back as fast as possible to try and reduce the amount we’d spend later on at the “after party”. We got a free shuttle at 10:30 to the after party at a club we’d been in before called Reef. A few drinks later and we went back to our old stomping ground, Side Bar, which is a pretty good club underneath our first hostel (Wake Up). It was very short lived though because Ida got kicked out so we got her home safe (gents) and called it a night.

Remember the group flight we came on? Ye well a large portion of the group have gone to Melbourne so the band was finally breaking up. We had a meal at a VEGAN restaurant recommended by chief vegan, Charlotte. It wasn’t all vegan food though so that was good. The food was nice if I’m honest. Pricey though… $27 for a crocodile burger. Only a fiver in Asda them. It’s a bit sad that we’re all splitting up but it was inevitable wasn’t it. For the record, Freya and Abbie are going to Melbourne so the quartet is officially split up now.

A large portion of our weekend to be honest has been spent buying a car ahead of us leaving Sydney to start our job. We were messed about a little bit by one guy who had arranged to meet us to view his car but he then just sold it to somebody else before our meeting? Tosser. Anyway, we sorted another out which was a little bit more expensive and it has a pretty loud whine in the gearbox. Wine and whine. Get it? Clever from Nay that. Once you get over the whining by turning the radio up to an unhealthy volume the car is perfect for your backpacker. It has room, boss air con, a sunroof and a USB port for our road trip tunes. The fella who sold us the vehicle also has a cockatoo which I became very fond of. Genuinely considering getting one when I’m back home. Meet Jerry –

Bit of a candid snap to be fair, I told Nay to get a picture but I was laughing because as I was posing for it Jerry decided to bite my glasses and was trying to take them off my face. Picture turned out better than I’d hoped though. Nice one Si.

The car cost us $1600. He wanted $1800 he said but we got him down. If we sort the gearbox I think we’d actually be able to sell it for more than we’d got it for so I think it may turn out to be a shrewd investment. Car sorted we were on our way. One last night in Sydney before the big drive up north which could only mean one thing. Karaoke. The 3 of us drank more box wine on the roof (shock) and waited for Neve, Chloe, Morgan & Miranda to come to our hostel before we walked up to O’Malleys. Irish Bar if you hadn’t worked it out from the name. It got daft very quickly. Me and Nay were knocking pints back like they were water and soon enough it was our first go on the stage. Riptide by Vance Joy. Now I don’t know if it was cause we were bladdered so I’ve read the signs wrong but we smashed it out the park mate. The crowd loved it. Next song in my set was a duet with Neve. Teenage dirtbag of course. It came about an hour after that first song with Nay so I don’t actually recall singing it with Neve. If we didn’t have video evidence I’d swear I didn’t. I even had an argument with the DJ that I hadn’t been up to sing it. Last on my setlist was a solo effort at Fluorescent Adolescent. Abysmal effort. I spent most of it just staring blankly at the words in front of me and saying nothing. What a wally. I don’t know how these bands do it. They get totally fucked and still put a performance on. Unfathomable.

No night out is really complete unless you’ve spent a large portion of it on your hands and knees in the gutter being sick whilst telling everyone you’re going to be ok in a minute. That’s how mine ended. Luckily Neve & co were on hand to support me through it. Cheers gang. I’d love to be able to tell you what happened between leaving that Irish paradise and getting in to the hostel but I can’t. I don’t really wanna know. I do remember walking around the hostel bollocko (no pants/boxies on) with just a hoodie on to preserve my dignity whilst in the search for a toilet. I’m glad nobody was around.

We should’ve left Sydney today but fate didn’t allow it. Instead we spent $50 on a haircut each, $80 on parking (horrendous) and 3 hours in Domino’s cause they didn’t actually make our online order and it was chocker. As a result, we’ve ended up crashing in Neve & Chloe’s gaff for the night as otherwise we’d have nowhere. There’s a bit of a theme with that isn’t there? Neve & co coming to my aid. That’s pretty much all I have to say too. I’ve not taken nearly enough photos and I promise to try harder with that. Got a couple of things to do tomorrow morning but we’re deffo setting off for Pacific Palms and the next chapter in this tale. So thanks for reading and I’ll post some more shite later in the week. T’ra.

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