So long, Sydney

I’m back! That title was a total rip off of an earlier one and I’m not even sorry.

I’ve set out with the intention of being brief because there’s not a lot to actually tell you…but let’s face it, it won’t be brief because as I type it gets convoluted and I think of more and more to say. I should plan better. Last Wednesday me and Nay left Sydney to head up North to Pacific Palms in our newly purchased 1997 Toyota RAV4 Cruiser.

We picked the RAV4 up for $1600. Not sure if I’ve already mentioned that in a previous post but if I have, there it is again. Decent price really for what we’ve got. It would be worth more (apparently) if it wasn’t for a rather loud noise coming from the gearbox. Alarm bells ringing? Nah it’s all good. We’ve been assured by a mechanic that it’s a ball bearing within the gearbox that needs changing. It should hold up for a few years unless we rag the car about. We decided not to pay the extra $1300 to sort it now and just see how we get on.

We set off around lunchtime from Sydney to Pacific Palms. Now I wanna give you a bit of a background to Pacific Palms… I’m not actually sure what it is. Around here there are a lot of different names such as – Pacific Palms, Seal Rocks, Bungwahl & Tuncurry. My Australian geography isn’t the best but what we know is that we’re living and working in a popular holiday destination for Australians. These quiet seaside resorts boom from Boxing Day onwards which is why me and Nay have jobs until January 31st. We drove up here and it took us around 4 hours, with the “road trip” music blaring to drown out the whining gear box.

Once we got up to Pacific Palms we had to find our cabin. Our new boss, Mark, had arranged for us to rent a cabin for $200 a week between us on a 10 acre plot of land from his friend, Averil. Turns out that Averil is house sitting the main house and as overseas the 3 cabins that are rented out on the plot of land. Happy days. For $100 each you cannot complain I assure you. When we arrived Averil was drinking and chatting with her good friend, Danielle. Averil, however, had a bit of info for us because mine and Nay’s cabin has no plumbing and they’re waiting for the plumber to come out BUT she kindly said we could stay in the main house with her in the spare rooms. We agreed as at least it has plumbing. We unloaded our stuff, popped to the shop for the essentials (beer) and then started drinking with our new landlady and her friend. Like with every drinking session so far this trip we drank a fair bit. It was productive though because we managed to erect some flatpack furniture pretty speedily. I’ve got to be honest, it was all Nay. Danielle and Averil who were drinking for much longer than us and were drinking red wine AND beer became much more rowdy and drunk as you can imagine so me and Nay had to step up and be the sensible ones. Danielle actually tried to drive home. She was so pissed that she couldn’t walk and broke our flat pack –

Who said Nay couldn’t be sensible eh? We both played a hand in stopping Danielle from driving which involved nothing short of hiding her bag which contained the car keys and hiding the front door key. Fucking top blokes.

After the pretty unexpected first night we’ve not done an awful lot. We’ve been on a run (and a walk) for about 20km to Seal Rocks Beach (see below) and we’ve done food shopping and just chilled out waiting for our shifts at Huey’s Pizzeria to start.

I’ve got my first shift at Huey’s tonight (5-9:30pm) but when I actually publish this and you’re reading it I’ll have already had my first shift. Mad those time zones aren’t they?

If you have me on Snapchat you’ll have already seen the cabin but for any of you who don’t then here are some pics of it and the surrounding land.

Yes, that is weed being grown within thegrounds…no, it isn’t ours.

As you can see, we’re very remote. Work is a 10/15 minute drive from here. The nearest town is 30km away so we’re pretty cut off. There’s also fuck all WiFi so I’ve used over 4GB data in 4 days. Horrendous. I’ve actually been trying to avoid using it too! Our logic is though that by being so remote we won’t spend as much and when we eventually get to Melbourne we will have loads of money to spend and not be in a rush to get jobs once there. We’ve managed a weekly shop consisting of 3 meals a day AND snacks for $67 which is less than £40! Bargain shoppers over here.

I suppose that before I go I should give Nay a shout out because he has been and will be doing all the cooking for us. He’s actually good at it so, thanks a lot Nay. Here he is looking glamorous on the veranda showing off his tan.

I’ll post some more later on in the week or next week after we’ve got a few shifts under our belts and we’ve settled more. We’ve even been invited round Averil’s parents for an Australian Xmas dinner (BBQ) by the pool. So that’ll be an interesting one.

Catch you all soon, stay safe.

Love ya.x

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