My Milkshake

Back again I see? You’re probably wondering what’s happened since I last posted. To answer your question; not a lot.

We’ve both got a couple of shifts under our belts at Huey’s now which is good. We’re both pretty clued up on what we need to do and what’s required. The till is a little fiddly but that’ll come with time. There’s a high number of staff at Huey’s so we’ve not both met everybody yet, but everyone we’ve met so far are really nice. It’s a good group. We’ve thrown around the idea that we will invite everyone back to our cabin in the woods for drinks and things to get to know everyone. Not sure how appealing it is to a stranger to come and meet two strange lads in the pitch black and get drunk… make of that what you will.

Now I’ll explain the title. Since we left England we’ve been on a hunt to find a better Milkshake than McDonalds. It sounds weird I know but one day we were craving a milkshake and it kinda spiralled from there. We’ve had about 4 up to now. A couple from small independent shops and I did have one from Dominos too. The Dominos one was good. Probably the best we’d tried but it just doesn’t rival the McDonalds Milkshake. We do, however, argue over the flavour of choice. I am a fan of the chocolate milkshake. For me, it’s the best one followed by banana, strawberry and then lastly, vanilla *shudders*. Nay however loves vanilla. How vanilla can you get? Shite joke.

He also doesn’t agree with dipping any chips into your milkshake… If you’re completely horrified by the concept then please, hear me out. I don’t actively dip my chips in there because quite frankly that is a little strange… BUT once upon a time many years ago when our Jack was a little kid we were out with our auntie and his milkshake spilled over his chips on his happy meal. He didn’t wanna eat them. Me being the little fat kid I was said I’d still eat them and they were surprisingly nice. I’ve since met several people who actively dip their chips in OR chew the chips in their mouth and then swig their milkshake. Make of it what you will but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. We can’t all be wrong, can we?

Yesterday we decided we’d head to Booti Booti National Park. It’s not very far from here. Like I’ve said before, we’re surrounded by beaches, national parks and lakes. There’s one lake that stretches from here almost down to Newcastle which is about 200km away. Big ass lake. We decided we’d go to the viewpoint at Booti Booti to see, well, the view. It wasn’t really a planned trip and was more of a “let’s swing in here” on the way back from the shops in Forster so we ended up having to walk a trail through a woodland uphill in our slids (sliders). Blisters.

Decent view isn’t it? I think we’re looking at Forster there. Not really sure. Forster is that way. In the very distance I THINK that’s 7 mile beach. But again, I could be wrong. I’m saying I think it’s 7 mile beach cause it looked really long. Longer than the rest we could see.

That’s all I’ve got to say really. Whilst we’re here working the posts are gunna be a little bland so you’re gunna have to bear with me until we’re back on the road and on our way to Melbourne. Should be early Feb. I’ll keep you all up to date with our festivities and any other things we get up to but just don’t expect much. Oh, before I leave, as with any couple of lads you get together there’s generally a bit of Tom Foolery going on. Nay (and me to be fair) thought it would be hilarious to get a picture of him on the Booti Booti sign.

Booti Booti Booty.

See you around guys x

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