Not Long Ago in a Country Far, Far Away..

…we went to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Gotta give me credit for that title, surely? But yeah, today we went to watch the new Star Wars film. I’ve read mixed reviews about it online for the last few days but me and Nay were still really keen to watch it mainly due to us being fans of the franchise but also partly to kill some time and do something with the abundance of time we have. The weather was pretty shit today so it turned out to be the right day to go to the cinema over in Tuncurry. We decided to invite some others along from work…social bonding and all that jazz. So funnily enough Jaz (Jasmine but I’m shortening to name to link with “all that jazz”), Leanne & Moze came along for the ride. We had to opt for the early showing of 11am due to us all working (except Jasmine) tonight. I like being early to things so we ended up getting there at like 10:30am. Moze, Leanne and Nay were complaining about how early we got there with Moze adding that the cinema is “never busy”. We entered the foyer to be greeted by an army of adults and children.

Now who’s the silly one for being so early? 🙃

The ticket was priced at $14.50 for an adult which was probably about right for what we pay back home but the price of snacks was the biggest surprise. Me and Nay opted for the “Max Triple Treat” combo which got us a large drink, large popcorn & 2 bags of M&M’s for $13.50. Bargain. The price back home would’ve been astronomical. There was a snag though, of course. The popcorn was fucking salted. How grim. Here’s Nay, enjoying his popcorn.


The screen was weird. Like, back in the U.K. the seating is quite steep and elevated isn’t it? Allowing for optimum viewing. Maybe it’s because this cinema seemed very old and dated but it was nothing more than a slight gradient so if you were unlucky enough to be short and you got a tall person in front, you’d be pissed off.


I won’t post any spoilers but the film was really good. More humour in it than I’d probably have liked but, each to their own.

Also this week we met up with an old friend of mine, Megan. I’ve known Megan for as long as I can remember. We very rarely see each other but every year, without fail, on Christmas Eve our families meet up and have some food and drinks. It’s a real tradition for us. Not sure how it started really but we’ve done it every year now since we were kids. This year looked set to be the first year were we don’t see each other. Technically we still won’t be seeing each other on Christmas Eve BUT she’s over in Australia visiting her Auntie & Uncle for a month or so. They’d gone up to Brisbane for a few days so they very kindly stopped off in Palms on their way back home to Sydney so that me and Megan could keep the tradition alive somewhat. We had lunch at a cafe in Palms called Kembali. I’d never previously eaten here but it’s always busy so we thought we’d give it a crack. It was very nice, big portions and reasonably priced.


We also added another milkshake test to the list… it was decent but unfortunately it’s nowhere near Maccies standard. In fact, funnily enough we ended up at Maccies a day later to have some of that cold sweet nectar when the temperature hit 38 degrees. We literally sat in Maccies for 2 hours using the WiFi and subsequently consumed two large milkshakes. $10 well spent if you ask me.

Next post will probably be on Christmas Day, there or thereabouts… I’ll also provide an update on our NYE plans back in Sydney, linking up with an old college classmate, Kate.

Catch you soon.x

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