Festive Fun

The title is bland, I know. I’m currently typing this hungover from last night. It should be just after midnight back home now also, which means lots of friends will be out in Wigan keeping up the Boxing Day tradition of going out in Fancy Dress. Nothing like that over here in the land down under though and to be honest, even if they did have such a tradition, I doubt there’d be much call for it around Palms.

Our run up to the festive period started with a haircut. We’ve not had our haircut since Sydney when we got stung for $50 each. Not sure if that was the going rate for a haircut or if the barber just saw some pommies coming and decided he’d try his luck. We’d seen a new barber in a shopping centre over in Forster that had recently opened and was thus offering a cheaper rate of haircut. Ideal for two backpackers, no? We got there and the cheaper rate was no longer being offered, Sod’s law, but we went ahead anyway. Nathan went first with one lady and I had mine cut by a different girl. Nay was out the chair first. I tried not to laugh as he stood by the door waiting with a blank expression on his face. I REALLY WISH he’d have allowed me to take a photo but he wouldn’t. She’d butchered his hair. In his own words he “wanted to come out looking like Enrique Iglesias but instead came out like Vinnie Jones”.

Uncanny resemblance if you ask me.

Christmas Eve was supposed to see the two of us work our second job at Kingfisher but they didn’t need me in the end so I went to Tuncurry with Averil whilst Nay worked. He was due to come and meet us when he finished. In Tuncurry there’s a pub called the Bellevue or something, it seems to be where everybody goes on Christmas Eve so I drove me and Averil there. It was good. Really hectic. Managed to wear my docs too for only the 3rd time since being in Aus. I’m sure I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. Shout out to Nay for giving us a lift home. Me and Averil were a bit worse for wear so he did a good job getting us back.

I’m trying to include enough info to be somewhat interesting but omit enough info so that it isn’t an endless post of text. I don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of it yet.

Christmas Day saw me having a turn as the designated driver whilst we had Christmas lunch at Averil’s mum’s. Is it even Christmas in Australia if you don’t eat prawns? I had my first go at shelling prawns and I was fucking terrible. I eventually gave up after struggling with a couple and opted for the sour dough, philadelphia & salmon instead. Nay was good at shelling the prawns. I should’ve asked him to do mine but god knows where those fingers have been. We had a nice time and felt very welcome but obviously it’s never going to feel like Christmas when you’re away from your family. The weather did it’s best to be like our Christmas from back home as it was overcast and bleak BUT it was obviously a lot warmer than what we’re used to on Christmas Day. With full bellies we went back to El Rancho Relaxo (Seal Rocks) and got on the ale. Our Dutch backpacker friends Linda & Peter came by too so we had our biggest party to date at the house. 7 people. Amazing.

Sorry that the picture is side on. Leanne insists on taking photos landscape. That’s Leanne, Linda, Peter, Nay & Me towards the end of the night. Danielle had gone home and Averil had crashed on the couch by this point. All in all it was a splendid Christmas.

Oh, that’s Nathan’s new hat that he bought immediately after having his haircut.

Boxing Day saw us go round to our bosses house, Mark, for some finger food and beers. Me and Nay arrived early doors, as you do. The stragglers arrived later. To be fair it was Jasmine’s 21st birthday and she had just drove back here from Sydney with her family so maybe her and Leanne could be excused from arriving so late. Peter & Linda’s excuse of being rough from the hectic night at the ranch though, I’m afraid it just doesn’t cut the mustard. Nay beat me at darts, luckily of course, as we all laughed and joked through the afternoon. Mark’s youngest son is also a footballer. He plays for Newcastle academy over here so it was funny to see Nay get megsed by an 11 year old.

Keep them legs shut, Nay.

You’re probably bored now but just bear with me a little longer. Cause it was Jasmine’s birthday her and Leanne left Mark’s earlier so they could go to the recky to celebrate her 21st with family and friends. Me and Nay went down later on after some kebabs off the BBQ. The recky was closing when we got there though so Leanne’s friend, Kirsten/Kirsty, very kindly offered to drive us, Leanne and Jas to Forster to some pub that would still be open. The lakes I think it was called. En route to the pub I graced the car with some excellent vocals with my rendition of “I touch myself” by Divinyls. The crowd loved it.

We sank a few schooners, exchanged some stories and just had a good time really. I dunno how everyone else felt about the evening but I had a good time anyway. Got to meet another Aussie and gain some new Instagram followers. That’s always good isn’t it? Nay bought Jas a shot of tequila too that we managed to force down her neck. Rather her than me that’s for sure.

I had to take several pictures too to be able to get at least one she was moderately happy about me using.

That’s our Christmas for you then. Hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful time with family and friends and Father Christmas brought you everything you asked for. We’ve got our big night in Sydney for NYE coming up so hopefully that’ll be filled with antics I can bore you with in 2018.

Thanks for reading and may the odds be forever in your favour.x

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