The Boys Are Back in Town

A sign of a good night is not remembering what happened so they say, isn’t it? I’m not too sure.

This post is dedicated entirely to New Year’s Eve in Sydney and we didn’t really anticipate it would turn out how it did. We were back to Sydney for one night only (lol) so let me take you back to where our story begins; Kembali. Sounds exotic doesn’t it? It’s just a café not too far from us. They conveniently open very early and we planned to be on the road to Sydney by 7am so fate took over. We both opted for a bacon and egg roll (or a “barm” back home) with avocado, tomato relish and rocket. Sounds pretentious as fuck but it was delicious.

I didn’t learn my lesson the last time I had a smoothie from Kembali. The last one wasn’t great and Jesus Christ the beetroot one I got this time word was equally as grim. Here is a picture of Nay, looking less than impressed after a taste of the smoothie.

Jasmine and Shannon whom we both work with at Huey’s also work at Kembali so they were graced by us in our zombified state at 6:30am. What better way to start the day?

Breakfast eaten and we were on our way. Nothing interesting to report on the car journey. So we will swiftly move past that. Me and Nay had arranged to sleep at somebody’s apartment. Remember when I mentioned we were meeting an old college classmate of mine named Kate? Yeah well we were stopping in her friends’ apartment. Turns out it’s a shared house but it was really modern and clean and a life saver for us really because around Christmas in Sydney you had to book 10 nights stay in any hostels. The house share was in the suburb of Leichhardt so after we’d gotten there and met Doran we set off towards Sydney to meet our old pal, The Ollatron. His name is Ollie but we gave him that nickname and it’s stuck since. Not really sure why. We met Ollie near our old stomping ground, Wake Up hostel and we went out for some lunch and a couple of beers. The beers in the burger place totalled about $21 each would you believe it?

After lunch we did what anybody else would do when you have a few hours to kill before you meet everyone for predrinks in a park… go to the pub. We had a few games of pool, drank some pitchers of XXXX Gold and caught up on the last month we’d spent apart. Around 4:40pm we headed off to the liquor store to buy our predrinks and set off to the park. With it being NYE and all me and Nay decided that we’d treat ourselves to a crate of Peroni. Nice 5.1% to see us through nicely. Kate and her friends had said in our group chat we were all meeting in Hyde Park for 5:30pm. Not wanting to be late when meeting our new friends and all we arrived promptly at about 5:20pm. We picked a decent spot and started drinking. Not long now until we meet everyone guys. Am I right?

5:30pm – nobody arrived. Maybe they’re running a bit late that’s ok.

5:45pm – it’s New Year’s Eve, transport must be busy.

6:05pm – is it too soon to message the group chat?

6:12pm – oh I think this is them now! Nope, still not them.

6:23pm – HALLELUJAH. New friends.

Fashionably late, the gang arrived. There was quite a few but we were all introduced and I’m sorry to say I can’t remember many people’s names but they’re a good bunch. We decided we’d head off to Luna Park at about 8ish so we still had a couple hours worth of drinking time. It was as eventful as you’d imagine drinking in a park to be. We saw a guy get arrested by about 7 police officers, there were lots of birds (the winged kind) and we bet Ollie 10 dollars to down his 3 parts vodka to 1 part coke, which he did in spectacular fashion. Well done Ollie.

The big gang.

The littler gang.

It’s probably the right time to say that pre-drinking Peroni probably wasn’t the smartest move. It’s a strong beer afterall and we still had a long way to go. We got the train just after 8. I’m not sure which station to be honest but it doesn’t really matter. What does matter though is that I managed to win my half ($5) of Ollie’s earlier winnings after he dared me to run and headbutt a bin attached to the wall on the platform. After the 9 or 10 peroni’s I had no qualms about doing it. Ollie and Nay also had a piss on the public stairwell in the Station. Surely not their finest hour.

After the train journey we got a taxi to Luna Park. The taxi driver quoted us $40 to get there which we agreed to. Upon arrival he told us it was $25 instead which me and Ollie was happy about. Not Nay though. Nah, he said he’d only pay him $20. The driver obviously challenged this to which Nay said he’d “murder” him. Dunno where that came from. Me and Ollie paid swiftly and tipped as to try and avoid any serious repercussions. With the taxi driver paid we ran hell for leather trying to find Luna Park. Dodging and weaving our way in and out of the crowds of people. Dodging traffic and jumping over walls. Beads of sweat on our foreheads as we raced to get to the gates and meet up with the rest of the group. It wasn’t even 9pm so we only had 3+ hours until the fireworks…

Once we arrived I got our tickets from the box office and handed Nay his. We had a short walk to the gate where you swap your ticket for a wristband. Ollie and I got ours without a hitch. Nay’s turn. What’s that you say? No ticket? No entry. Nay was adamant he didn’t have a ticket and to be honest because I was also drunk I sided with him and swore blind she only gave us 1 ticket between us and not one each. Security were called and so were other members of ticket staff. We argued the toss as did they until eventually Nay put his hand in his back pocket and sheepishly pulled out his ticket. Voila.

The story starts to go downhill from here really. A lot of it is a blur and to be honest I need to apologise to my mum for what comes up shortly. After a few hours of drinking more beer, catching up with old friends (Morgan, Neve, Chloe & Miranda) and watching the fireworks.. I decided to go off on my own. I only remember bits and pieces but it wasn’t great. The earliest thing I can remember post fireworks was being in central station with no shirt, no glasses, no phone, no passport and no travel card. Brilliant. How do I get myself out of this mess? I had to result in asking complete strangers to ring Kate via Facebook messenger and find out how to get home. I bumped into some nice policemen who were very happy to assist me getting back to Luna Park. They told me where to go but it involved more than one step so id forgotten what they said by step 2. Naturally, I had to approach more strangers. Do you know how hard it is to convince strangers to help, especially females, whilst you’re clearly bladdered, shirtless and squinting at them? It’s quite difficult. Due to the time most girls think you’re trying it on when you approach them so that proved to be a stumbling block. Eventually though I managed to get back to the vicinity of Luna Park. Fortunately, my phone was in Kate’s bag so I didn’t lose that.. the rest sadly is gone.

After I eventually managed to find Nay and co we had a pretty long walk back to central Sydney so Kate could get back to the hostel. Then me and Nay had to get a taxi back to Leichhardt. We thought it was gunna cost a bomb but it was surprisingly cheap. Just one last step, getting into the house without a key. Have no fear though, Nay used to be a keen fan of Ninja Warrior so he was more than willing to scale the fence and get in through the back door. There’s an innuendo in there somewhere. He unlocked the front door and we made our way to our beds for the night; the couches in the outdoor communal area.

It was only really on New Year’s Day that it really sank in how much I fucked up. Especially with losing my glasses. It meant we couldn’t actually leave for back home until the 2nd January as I was unable to get any contacts from specsavers to drive home until the 2nd. Nevertheless we enjoyed our day out with Ollie, Neve, Miranda, Morgan & Chloe. Australia’s answer to The Goonies. Morgan & Miranda were kind enough to let us sleep in their apartment on our unforeseen extra night in Sydney. Life savers.

And that’s a wrap folks. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed ourselves. Special mention to Nay, Kate, Morgan, several strangers & specsavers for helping in my time of need. I owe you one, or two. And the morale of the story is; always be careful of that last beer you have from the crate.. it’s almost always faulty and results in bad decisions.x

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