Marks to Prove It

Using the name of a song as a title in this post. It’s quite apt though because most of this post is to notify everyone about what happened to us on 8th January. It was a seemingly normal day to be honest. We went out for some food, bought a couple of books and played some footy in the sun before work. All went well and so did our shift. Laughing and joking as you do. The weather took a turn for the worst during work and a storm was brewing. Only a light drizzle but there was lots of thunder, lots of lightning and it was pretty foggy. Are we in England or Australia? We finished work and instead of staying behind for our usual post-work beers we set off for home as we’d bought some new films and wanted to get in and watch them.

Driving home in the usual manner. Tunes blaring, chatting and laughing. Nathan was looking out the window at the lake. The fog causing the scene to feel eery as the lightning lit up the sky every couple of minutes. Our windows were down as they always are on our trip home from work. Only this time the simple journey home took a very bad (and literal) turn for the worst. As Nay looked out at the lake, The Maccabees “Marks to Prove It” song was hitting the chorus as I could feel myself losing control of the RAV4. “Shit” I said as the tyres started to slip from under us and we crossed over to the other side of the road. Nathan turned to look at me. The panic rising in the car. We both started to shout as I fought with the steering wheel to try and regain control. My attempts were futile. We hit the cliff/rockface of the mountain head on with a loud bang. Darkness.

The next thing I remember I was lay on top of Nathan. The RAV4 on it’s side. We’d just crashed and we couldn’t believe it. Those moments after a crash it’s hard to comprehend what’s actually happened. All we knew is we had to get out as the smell of petrol filled our nostrils. We managed to get out and to the side of the road. We had to flag somebody down as we didn’t know the number for the police. Nay escaped without a scratch whereas I have a few cosmetic injuries. Just bumps and scrapes and a sore fucking nose from when I head butted the steering wheel. No idea where the airbags went.

We sent a message to our boss, Mark, too via the work chat because we knew he’d still be about. He came to our aid along with Peter & Linda. The emergency services responded promptly and took us through the standard questioning and breathalyser tests. To be honest, we were very lucky. So many factors could’ve been slightly different and they’d have contributed to a much more catastrophic conclusion. The car is a write off however and we’re gunna need to buy a new one as soon as possible. In the mean time though Mark has kindly lent us his golf which is actually a great car. Every cloud eh?

On a bit of a brighter note the following day we went to watch our first A-League soccer game. It was the F3 Derby. Newcastle Jets vs Central Coast Mariners. We got down to Newcastle and checked into the hostel. It was quite scruffy and reminded us a bit of Surf Camp but without the coastal charm. To quote a friend of mine from home (Elliot) we had a very “earthy” couple in our room. You know the type. Dreadlocks, baggy, psychedelic clothing, looked a bit grubby etc etc. Well, they had a fucking mountain of clothes in the corner of the room alongside 2 guitars and a couple of surfboards. No idea how they were getting about with that stuff.

Anyway, once we’d checked in we set off in search of food and drink. We went to a little curry place we found and fuck me were we in for a shock. We both chose a 1 out of 3 spice rating curry. We can both handle spicy food mind you so we asked the waitress to make it “a bit spicier”. Thinking she’d knock it up to a 2 out of 3 spice. How wrong were we. The curry came it we were both sweating and our eyes watering. It got to the point were the waitress was offering to get our curries remade after she’d exhausted the other avenues of giving us yoghurt and milk to ease the burn. Never again, mate.

Lava curry out the way, we headed to the game. The standard is obviously far less than we’re used to back in England but it was enjoyable all the same. We (top Newcastle Jets fan now) won 2-0. To be honest the Mariners should’ve been 0-3 up at half time but they were displaying finishing worse than Nay Heyes down at the JMO.

Sorry for publishing a post that contains a bit of a negative spin at the start there but we’re alive and still “finding” ourselves so it’s all good isn’t it? Hopefully be back soon with something a little more entertaining for you but ye, that’s where we’re at right now. Thanks for reading.x

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