Tales of Boys, Fish and Milkshakes

This post is somewhat brief to be honest you’ll probably be glad to know.

Since the crash we’ve worked a lot of hours to try and squeeze as much money out of Palms as we can before we head off to Melbourne. We’ve been pretty productive as well since the crash as if it’s lit an internal fire. The first of my updates is that mine and Nay’s new football (or soccer) boots have arrived.

Boots yer da would be proud of. All black tiempos. No frills. None of this fluorescent bollocks. Proper Brexit. So once these babies arrived me and Nay spent a little bit of time breaking them in on a nearby playing field. Taking turns pinging balls at the goal and ultimately having to run 40 yards to retrieve the ball when we inevitably missed due to lack of practice. You’ll be glad to know (lol) that the sharpness is coming back though so we will be able to put a shift in for our new team, Keon Park, once we get to Melbourne.

This past week also saw us FINALLY find a milkshake BETTER than McDonalds. Oh my. “The Natural Waffle” in Forster is home to something magical. I first dipped my toe into the water by having a hot fudge brownie sundae. It was basically ice cream dolloped onto a fat slab of hot gooey brownie. Nay was devastated when he tasted mine and had to settle for his rocky road sundae. 1-0 Li. This shop also does what’s known as a “thickshake” bit of a giveaway but it’s just a really thick milkshake and you just get to choose one of the flavours of ice cream to turn into said milkshake. Fucking sublime let me tell you.

I opted for the Cookies & Chocolate Fudge option. Oh yes. Not arsed what Nay says, mine was better than his vanilla inspired Cookie Dough, hands down. For $7 it’s hard to say no. We’ve had 2 already in the last 4 days. It’s pretty relaxing to sip a milkshake and look out onto Wallis Lake whilst you bask in the sun. Aren’t you jealous?

Today also saw us throw a cooked fillet of fish into a river at the back of our house. Yes, you read that correctly. Basically, me and Nay thought it was a good idea to cook a big fillet of fish like…last week or something but we never actually got round to eating it. So it’s been sat in a pan (with a plate covering it) for the past week or so in the heat. Ye, as you can imagine, it didn’t smell to nice when we removed to lid. But where do you put a big piece of stinking fish? The bin? Of course not. The compost bin? Well, we couldn’t find that. So it had to go in the river, it was the only other place for it. We carefully walked with the pan 200 yards to the river, removed the plate and with a firm throw of the arm Nay tossed the fish about 1 yard (no joke) into the river. It’s gunna decompose afterall isn’t it? Giving back to Mother Nature.

This evening was my last shift working at my second job of the summer at The Kingfisher Cafe. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before in previous blog posts but if I haven’t; me and Nay have been working at a restaurant alongside our shifts at the pizzeria. It’s an enjoyable job and we’ve had a great time working there with the owners, Caz & Dave. I love saying that cause it reminds me of Chaz & Dave (look it up if you don’t know who they are). But basically ye, it was my last shift there and I just wanted to take a moment to thank them for letting me and Nay work there because it’s really helped us out. They’re great people and the food is awesome. I know they’ll be reading this because I got them (forced them) to follow the blog so yeah, thanks for everything and I wish you every luck in the future, it’s been a pleasure!

Just a quick signing off point, seeing as I always usually take the piss out of Nay in these posts, he wants me to note that we have played 4 games of chess whilst being in the house and he managed to win our last game. Albeit he tries to claim he’s a novice and that he’s shite at the game but he’s a clever kid so he’s better than he makes out. It’s the first game of chess I’ve lost since my dad used to beat me when he was teaching me how to play back in primary school. So well done, Nay, there’s your credit. But I’m winning 3-1.


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