A Close Shave


It feels a little surreal that I’m typing the final blog post for our 2 month stay in Pacific Palms. If you’ve kept up to date you’ll already know that we’ve had more of an experience than we could’ve bargained for. If you’re not familiar with what I’m referring to then cast your eyes back over some of the recent posts…but not before you find out about the latest mishaps in this tale..

I’ll start by saying that me and Nay FINALLY got in the water for the first time since Sydney. This is partly down to me because I’m not a fan of the beach really and I’m certainly not a fan of the ocean. Anyway, being in a coastal area it’s embarrassing admitting to people that we were yet to get into the water after 6 weeks of working 3 minutes from one of the 6 beaches within a 20 minute journey of us. SO, one fateful day before an evening shift I finally conceded and we went to the beach. Towels, suncream and reading material in tow we went to Boomerang Beach for a top up of the tan and a read.

That’s a pretty shit photo from google but I didn’t take a picture of this beach as I left my phone in the car. Anyway. After an hour or so reading in the sun we opted to get in the ocean. It started well. The water was surprisingly warm and refreshing. The waves were a little big but you can’t have it all can you? After about half an hour I felt a burning sensation on my left side. I ignored it at first but it quickly got worse. So I turned to my left and a few yards away there was what I now know to be a Bluebottle Jellyfish. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I started to panic and told Nay I’d been stung by a Jellyfish. He stood rooted to the spot, not sure if I was being genuine or if it was a boyish prank. My acceleration from standing to a really vigorous water run highlighted that I was indeed not fucking about.

Hurts like a bitch but I’m alive aren’t I? That was enough ocean for one day so we ended up giving Myall Lake a try instead which was nearer to our house. We wasn’t sure what to expect from a lake really. Was it going to be muddy? Cold? Any fish? All valid questions. It turned out to be the shining light of this trip. Great for a post run dip.

As you can see. It’s not muddy. It’s sand and it’s very clear. There were fish but nothing too big and minging.

I’m just gunna use this little space to pause and share a cracking revelation by Nay the other day. He’s been playing a lot of Seal lately. You know, the singer who has sold over 20 million records worldwide. Nay admitted to me that until a couple weeks ago he thought that Seal’s hit “Kiss from a Rose” was a metaphor for receiving knife cuts to his face resulting in the bad scarring he has.

He genuinely thought he’d been brought up as a child soldier and he’d overcome horrendous abuse to then become a worldwide star. Sorry Nay, it’s just a skin condition.

Anyway, back to the biggest mishap of the latest tale. Sunday saw us have our end of summer staff party with the Huey’s lot. We went down to the local recreational club for free food and drinks. My first free bar function which was quality. Wanting to show the Aussies how the Pommies are better at everything we sank beers like no tomorrow and then beat a couple of Aussies at doubles pool. Up the Poms. Stick your ashes up your arse mate.

Happier times before our barnets made a swift exit.

Anyway, after the party one of our new found friends, Isaac invited us back to his for more drinks. Palms version of a “gaff” is what followed. As if you needed telling, alcohol and hair clippers don’t mix well. I don’t think they ever have. I needed a haircut and Sam’s girlfriend, Tia, had recently cut his and it looked sweet so being the pissed idiot I am, I suggested her giving me the same cut. Fucking hell do I regret that one. Take a look at the media I’ll upload below to show just how me, Nay and Isaac got our new barnets.

Shocking eh? It got worse too. The following day we went to a barbers to sort the haircuts out. Well, that was the intention. Nay’s got sorted and looked neat and sweet again.

I ended up with a role in the Peaky Blinders.

So it meant there was only one thing for it. The year 8 shaved head returns. Suppose it means I don’t need to spend ages drying my hair now though.

And that’s a wrap really. Shaved head for me, decent haircut for Nay & it’s onto Melbourne we go. Maybe there’ll be more mishaps on the way. Scroll down for 5 good, 5 bad and some more humorous media.

5 Good Things About Pacific Palms

1. Great new friends

2. Myall Lake

3. Orange Twirls

4. The weather

5. The money we earned

5 Bad Things About Pacific Palms

1. Crashing the car

2. Losing my passport

3. Losing my favourite glasses

4. Fucking my hair up

5. Being stung by a jellyfish

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