Homeward Bound

3 months in and I didn’t think I’d be writing a post like this. Lots will already know (cause it’s well documented on social media) but I’m on my way home from Australia without Nay. Long and short of it is, I’ve broken off half of my front tooth during a drunken night out. A combination of this incident and multiple factors has resulted in me heading home to get my front tooth fixed as quickly as possible. I’m not sure what the next chapter will be and I’m not sure what the plans are after me fixing my tooth (other than obviously catching up with family and friends who I have dearly missed).

Where does this leave Nay? Well, he’s staying out there in Melbourne (rightly so) with the Ollatron, playing for our footy team and just generally doing what we should be doing together. Not gunna lie, it’s sad that we have to split up at the minute cause obviously we’ve spent everyday together for the past 3 months and although we weren’t necessarily “close” before we left I think we’d both agree we’re close now. So good luck out there, Nay, don’t do anything stupid and hopefully we’ll be back to the trivia nights ASAP. You’ll have to carry the team, John Triviolta & Otrivia Newton John, to glory with Olly in my absence.

Shortest post to date I think. Cinabit.x

Ps. Tullamarine Airport is shit to navigate around.

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