It’s a grand old team..

This is the first blog post since coming back from Australia. Posts are going to be few and far between you’ll find and I’ll only write about things of note. I’ve been home for a couple of weeks now, nearly three, and as you can imagine a large proportion of my time back in U.K. has involved socialising and drinking lots of lager. I’m currently a bit rough so even writing the word “lager” is enough to induce a shudder. Awful.

Last Tuesday saw me go on an Everton FC corporate event with my dad and brother. If you’ve got me on Instagram then you’ll have seen the day as I got a little picture happy. My dad got us onto the event through his business so I’d like to give a shoutout to my dad for inviting me along; he had to pull some strings to get me on board. Anyway, the day started with a trip to Goodison Park for breakfast and a stadium tour. Before the tour started we sat and listened to Graeme Sharp & Ian Snodin (our hosts for the day) talk about Everton’s current troubles on and off the pitch; taking time to take questions off the group. Following this talk we then made our way through a very cold corridor and ended up in the Home Dressing Room.

I’d been on the stadium tour once before, when I was about 8 years old, so with my memory being awful this was all very new and exciting to me. We got the chance to take photos with the jerseys and our hosts indulged us with more stories about what it was like to be an Everton player and how times have changed since back then. After this it was time to head to the pitch. We walked down the players tunnel and as being as cliché as you can imagine we all touched the sign overhead as we passed under it.

At the pitch side we got to take in the surroundings, take photos and sit in the dugout. I think most would be lying if they didn’t say that when they’re stood pitch side they don’t imagine how it must feel to run out to Z Cars at Goodison in front of 40,000.

After time at the side of the pitch we went and got on the first team coach and headed off to the training ground, Finch Farm. The coach was everything you’d imagine a premiership team’s coach would be. TVs, big seats, coffee machine etc.

Once at Finch Farm we waited at the indoor pitch for our “Player Meet & Greet”. I expected to only meet a handful of players, despite being hopeful of meeting more. The first two players out were Phil Jagielka and Theo Walcott. Shortly followed by Davy Klaassen and most of the other first team players. It’s hard to explain that feeling you get when you meet the players you’re so used to watching from a distance; either in the stands or on TV. We said hello, got a few photographs and got the players to sign our newly bought Everton shirts.

You’ll have to excuse how bad that tooth looks on those angles but I’m clearly buzzing to meet Rooney & Klaassen.

Meet & Greet over, we headed to the press room to listen to more stories from the hosts and a special guest in Everton’s kit manager. Jimmy Martin has been at Everton since the 80s and had many interesting and funny stories to tell including a story about an end of season trip to Magaluf.

The last part of the day was to watch the first team train. By this point the snow was coming down thick and fast so to say I was cold was an understatement. Obviously, me being me, I didn’t wear a coat as I didn’t think we’d be stood outside for any great length of time. Hindsight sees in 20/20.

That marked the end of the day! Last thing to do was to get back on the coach to Goodison and that was the end of one of the best days of my life! Everton do however need to sort it out on the pitch because it’s becoming a joke…but let’s not tarnish an otherwise positive post.

Thanks for reading.x

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