Island Hopping

I’ve been putting this post off for a couple days now cause it’s just too hot in the day to try and think of what to write and then by the time the cooler evening arrives I’m just too drained but I’ve set some time aside now to do this post to outline our time on Ko Pha-Ngan and our first day on Ko Tao.

We stayed in the Haad Rin Beach area of Ko Pha-Ngan which is where the Full Moon Party takes place and which is generally the party destination on the island, which is actually bigger than we thought. It took much longer than we anticipated getting to our hotel from when we left Phi Phi. We added it up that it should’ve took 7 hours but instead took about 9 so to say we were knackered after we arrived would be an understatement. We had some tea at the hotel after checking in and got our heads down.

The day after was the day of the Full Moon Party so we planned to just get our bearings and find out where we’d need to go and just sit by the pool. The weather wasn’t great to be honest and it was cloudy and therefore cold in the pool. That didn’t stop me from sitting in it for about 3 hours though. About 7:30 we headed out to get some tea before going to the party. It was 100 Bhat to get through to the area where the beach was which is relatively cheap to be honest. I’m not sure what I was expecting with the full moon party because you hear good and bad things about it and everything associated so we just went into it open minded. We tried one of the “buckets” you can buy to start the night off and to be honest although it’s a quirky novelty once the ice starts melting (which happens quickly) it soon starts tasting like spirit and water. Maybe you should drink it faster? It was about 9pm by the time we hit the beach and it was still relatively quiet so we walked up and down the beach to watch the entertainment like the flaming rope jump and other fire related activities. Some brave, and drunk, folk out there who are more than happy to jump the flaming rope. Rather them than me.

I sadly don’t have any pictures from the beach because we left our phones in the hotel… we were paranoid about pickpockets or just general carelessness. I eventually swapped the buckets of alcohol for Pina Coladas though which are right up my street because I love coconut. You might remember I mentioned in a recent post that the Thai seem to play “older” chart music like Akon and such… it was no different at the full moon party either. Very strange. Once we’d taken in the sights on the every growing in population beach we watched the World Cup games that were on. To say I was gutted Germany got knocked out would be an understatement. After the World Cup games were over we headed back onto the beach to find the beach was heaving. People everywhere, bladdered, falling over, sitting in the sand, pissing in the sea. What you’d expect really. Don’t wanna pay that 20 Bhat for a piss do you? Only spotted a handful of Ladyboys but I imagine there were more. We both got groped by a couple at one point. Weird as fuck. At about 1/2am we were absolutely done in so we headed back to sit on our porch area. It was only when we got back that I could feel how drunk I was and I subsequently threw up in the sink…urgh.

The day after was spent nursing a shocking hangover and eating lots of stodgy food.

Today saw us get up at 6:30 to get a taxi and a ferry over to Koh Tao. It’s an idyllic place Koh Tao. Crystal clear waters. Stunning green scenery and sparsely populated. It’s a paradise if you will. Despite it’s nickname as “Death Island” (google for info) it’s a very picturesque island with the neighbouring famous viewpoint on an island called Koh Nang Yuan.

It’s only a 10/15 minute boat ride from Koh Tao and it has the clearest and bluest water I’ve ever seen. Lots of marine life and it’s renowned for its scuba diving.

After this busy day sweltering trying to get the best photos for our Instagram and Snapchat we headed back to our hotel for a quick snooze, shower and then tea. Tomorrow we will chill out near the pool before we head off to Phuket for the last 2 nights of our 17 day stay…. which means there’s only one more blog post for you to endure.

Thanks for reading.x

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