T’ra Thailand

So that’s the end of the journey for me and Elliot. We’ve spent 17 days moving around Thailand without really settling anywhere for any great length of time. It’s been really good and very enjoyable. I’d recommend it as a place for anybody to visit and I’d like to come back again. I’d do it differently though and stick to the islands as opposed to the major cities. I feel like you get to see more and it’s much more picturesque.

We spent our last day and a half at our hotel in Phuket. We chose one near the airport so never really made it out to the city. The hotel was class though. Brilliant Holiday Inn with the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept in. There’s not much to say about our stay in this hotel because we literally just sat about the pool, played pool, played table tennis, played darts and watched the World Cup. Proper chiller. I beat Elliot 3 games to nil at table tennis, lost the 1 game of darts we played & won 2 of the 3 games of pool we played so it’s fair to say I’ve reigned supreme.

5 Good Things About Thailand

  1. The company (despite all his moaning)
  2. The picturesque views
  3. The weather (despite the occasional downpour)
  4. The Thai People
  5. The arse hose (honestly, give it a go)

5 Bad Things About Thailand

  1. The smell uncovered drains
  2. Ignoring the warning to not flush toilet paper and subsequently blocking our toilet (3 times)
  3. 75% of street food being covered in flies
  4. Sharp rocks/coral
  5. Reading about the backpacker murders on Koh Tao & then hearing strange noises in the night.

So sorry if this post hasn’t contained what you’d maybe expect from my last blog post for Thailand. I’ll include some pics at the bottom. They may be ones you’ve already seen if you’ve followed throughout.

Got a couple more trips scheduled this year to Italy (September) and a stag do with a surprise location so I can’t reveal the destination. I’ll try and get some posts together for those but they’re both short visits so maybe not. We’ll see.

So thanks once more for reading the drivel over the last 2 and a half weeks. You’ve earned your break.


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